Training - applications
Learning to use the Valor/Frontline tools to their fullest capability is a significant task that, unassisted will likely only be achieved during years of practice and experimentation. The tools are just so enormous in their ability to capture and analyze data of such variable quality.
We understand that there is just so much to absorb during those initial training sessions that inevitably significant elements are forgotten.
This is where the individualized followup training that is our speciality, becomes so valuable.
During the first couple of months or so of use of the tools, engineers start to truly appreciate the power of ODB++ and all that it can contain. Of course, during the course of experimentation, valuable time can be lost.
This is the point at which advanced targeted training should be planned. Answering specific questions, demonstrating advanced yet often simple techniques and shortcuts to achieve the required final data.
Of course, I can provide all levels of training - using Valor's own material if appropriate: So do consider Lynn@debscave as a cost-effective training resource for new and experienced engineers alike.   
Training - automation and scripting
Courses available in Valor/Frontline-specific automation and general scripting using Perl and C-shell.  Available topics include TK/GUI, adaptation of recorded macros, hook, Gateway and RCOM mechanisms.
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