"Productivity through efficiency. Accuracy through consistency"
When the underlying task is 'simply' to produce consistent outputs from that data - be that a manufacturability report, fabrication tooling or optimized assembly programming - the quality of that output and the time taken to achieve it in a 'manual' or 'learning' environment will vary greatly; making significantly more complex the task of Engineering and Production Management.
Of those that have not learned from experience that a missed step can at best consume valuable hours and at worst create frightening amounts of scrap product, most likely live with the worry that this potential exists in the workflow.
Automating the 'simple' tasks frees the mind - as well as the working shift - to handle the complex questions.
With years of extensive experience creating possibly the most advanced and comprehensive process automation for Genesis, Enterprise and Trilogy, I can almost certainly increase efficiency and accuracy in your process, in a highly cost-effective manner.
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