Who is Debscave Solutions?
Me - Lyndon (Lynn.) Rickards
Originally a software engineer, some 10 years experience around the
PCB industry automating and improving processes. Working with
Valor's software, primarily management and automation, during that time.
For the three years to summer 2003 I was a wandering Applications
Engineer with Valor US.
Moderatly (in)famous for the inventive use of perl in Valor automation,
familiar with other mainstream script languages and sql. Whatever is
needed to efficiently fulfill the task at hand.
In the hills amongst the trees in beautiful New Hampshire
Mailing address is: 31 Dane Rd. New Boston  NH 03070
Phone - 603 487 3474 Fax 501 647 5565
In working freelance, the aim is to provide a stronger
more dedicated and flexible service.
What's in a name?
Aha - I just had the domain name lying around gathering dust, waiting
for my daughter - the Debbie Monster - to make use of it. And looking
through the french doors of my basement home office, it seemed kind
of appropriate.  A cave with a view...
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Copyright 2003 Lynn. Rickards